Nitrogen¹ is an odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-flammable gas, at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. 78% of our atmosphere is made up of Nitrogen. N2 is used as an inert gas in Blanketing Systems, Electrical Systems, the Chemical Industry and the Food Packaging Industry.

Even though Nitrogen is non-toxic, it can still act as an asphyxiant and special precautions should be taken in confined areas. Always keep areas well ventilated.


Formula N2
Molecular Weight 0.028 013 4 kg
Boiling Point @ 101.325 kPa -195.8 °C
Absolute Density, Gas @ 101.325 kPa @ 25 °C 1.145 5 kg/m3
Specific Heat Ratio, Gas @ 101.325 kPa @ 25 °C, Cp/Cv 1.407
Critical Compressibility 0.291 6
Critical Volume 3.216 dm3/kg
Critical Density 0.311 kg/dm3
1: Bracker, W & Mossman, A.L, 1980, “Gas Data Book”, Matheson, 562 – 563.