Medfox Oxygen Generating System

MEDFOX Containerized Direct-Dual* Supply (DDS) Oxygen Systems

ISO 7396-1:2016; HTM 02-01; United States & European Pharmacopoeia Oxygen 93% Compliant


Containerized Direct-Dual Supply Oxygen Systems South Africa

ISO 7396-1:2016; HTM 02-01; United States & European Pharmacopoeia Oxygen 93% Compliant

Medfox Containerized Direct-Dual* Supply (DDS) Oxygen Systems


  • Produces on-site, on-demand, in real time – oxygen supply is available 24/7
  • On-site production results in a reduction of overall gas costs, guaranteed
  • Transportable, modular, plug & play design
  • All systems fully compatible with an optional oxygen cylinder filling module, for back up generation and satellite clinic supply
  • Low energy consumption (+/- 0.85kWh/kg O2)
  • Green Oxygen – no SOx / NOx / CO / CO2 or other gaseous pollutants associated with liquid oxygen (LOx) deliveries
  • Interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) operation modelled on smart- phone technology for ease of use

Foxolution Systems Engineering cc is a South African provider of onsite oxygen and nitrogen generators.

Our primary markets are the Gold Mining Industry, the Offshore Industry, Healthcare, the Wine Production Industry, Controlled Atmosphere Stores, Water Treatment and Aquaculture applications throughout Africa.

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MEDFOX-DDS Range available** 100; 170; 230; 500; 750 LPM***

*DUAL indicates 2 x PSA oxygen generators installed to provide the total LPM per system model, this is to provide redundancy/back-up within the system **Containerized systems are the focus for COVID-19 response (transportable, plug & play), however, fixed hospital systems can be supplied for larger volumes

***# indicates litres per minute @ NTP (20 degrees C and 101.325 kPa)

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COVID-19 Containerized Oxygen System Response - ECSA
SAHPRA - South African Health Products Regulatory Authority - Certified
SAQCC Gas - South African Qualification and Certification Committee
Dekra Certified - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC
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