Medfox Cylinder Filling Plant

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Medfox Cylinder Filling Plant

FOX offers a complete line of cylinder filling plants (CFP’s). CFP’s are tailored to the client’s application, both industrial and medical options (MEDFOX) available. The MEDFOX CFP produces an oxygen purity of 93% (+/- 3%), this in line with the US Pharmacopoeia Convention (USP), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), European Pharmacopoeia and ISO 10083 specifications.




All MEDFOX CFP’s come standard with a human machine interface (touchscreen controller) and sensors for Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Oxygen (O2) to provide continuous gas quality monitoring with automatic shutdown if a fault is identified. All information displayed in real time on the human machine interface.

MEDFOX CFP’s include all the support equipment required such as air compressors, air dryers and oxygen compressors for complete turnkey systems. All models are factory tested, and most are skid mounted. These plants are designed to be shipped in standard 20 or 40-ft ocean containers for worldwide transit. Onsite commissioning and training is available from a Fox engineer. Electrical power and an enclosure for the plant are all that is required at the customer’s site to get started.

Complete CFP’s that are capable of filling 5 to 180 cylinders per day are available in (11) standard sizes. The cylinder size referenced is up to 40L water capacity oxygen cylinders. Custom sizes available on request.

*Consult Factory for availability on each model.


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