Foxolution - Aquaculture oxygen systems

Aquaculture oxygen systems

An onsite oxygen generating system built and designed for Aquaculture specialists, Deep Blue Aqua. This system was designed to provide oxygen at multiple outlets for dosing large volume tanks for various fish species, under the watchful eye of the Government owned marine research center. The system generates oxygen on-demand with a very low energy and carbon footprint.

Oxygen is produced by the generator on-site and piped into a storage tank , from which the user can draw down from. When oxygen is being used and the volume of oxygen within the storage tank reaches a pre-set low limit, the system automatically re-starts and the storage tank is topped up, thus eliminating any wasteful energy consumption and unnecessary operator input.

In case of power outages, the option exists to connect backup cylinders which automatically switch over when power to the system is removed, ensuring a continuous supply. Included in the offering was the complete installation, all oxygen pipeline, 6 x gas control terminal points, commissioning & training. Aquaculture oxygen systems.