Gas Cylinders - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC

For this project, we retrofitted a standard 20ft shipping container and converted it into an onsite oxygen cylinder filling system for a US based Non-Profit Organization. The system is used to fill oxygen cylinders for medical use and has been built to the most stringent international standards. Ambient conditions were carefully considered so that the volume of oxygen produced would meet, and generally exceed client requirements. Standard features in the offering included the following:

  • Cylinder Vacuum Station
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Ambient and Process Oxygen monitoring
  • 10 way High Pressure Cylinder filling manifold
  • Full Ventilation System
  • Onsite Toolbox and calibration kit
  • Air Conditioning
  • Kaeser (Germany) Air Compressor & Refrigerated dryer to provide ISO 8573 1.2.1 Class Air