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Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators

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Foxolution Systems Engineering CC

Gas systems for the healthcare industry

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Onsite gas production systems for mining

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Laboratory gas distribution

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Gas cylinder supply

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Foxolution is a south african manufacturer of onsite oxygen and nitrogen generators, concentrators and systems.

Our primary markets are the Gold Mining Industry, the Offshore Industry, Healthcare, the Wine Production Industry,
Controlled Atmosphere Stores, Water Treatment and Aquaculture applications throughout Africa.

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Foxolution - Onsite Gas Production Systems

Onsite Gas Production Systems

Generate your own Oxygen & Nitrogen on demand

Foxolution - Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinders

High pressure gas cylinders for medical & industrial industries

Foxolution - Gas Booster Stations

Gas Booster Stations

Transfer gas from large to portable cylinders, safely

Foxolution - Hospital Utility Systems

Hospital Utility Systems

Total medical gas solutions from source to point of use

Foxolution - Nitrogen Purge Systems

Nitrogen Purge Systems

Inert gas blanketing & purging systems for industry

Foxolution - Festo Pneumatics

Festo Pneumatics

Official suppliers & distributors for Festo

Foxolution - Oxygen Compressors

Oxygen Compressors

Supply & support for Rix Industries Oxygen Compressors

Gas Detection - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC

Lab Gas Distribution

Supply and Installation of Lab Gas Lines & Distribution Points

Foxolution Systems Engineering (PTY) LTD is a South African provider of on-site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators


SAHPRA - South African Health Products Regulatory Authority - Certified
SAQCC Gas - South African Qualification and Certification Committee
Dekra Certified - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC


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Awards Entrepreneurship - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC
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Lab Gas Terminal - Distribution Plate - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC


We were approached by Africa’s largest copper producer to provide a turnkey solution for their laboratory gas distribution system. Foxolution handled the entire project from start to finish which included the terminal point design, laboratory gas pipeline distribution, integration of new components with existing, on-site safety audits, freight & logistics, complete installation as well as comprehensive operator training.
Foxolution - Medfox - Filling System


An onsite oxygen generating system built and designed for Aquaculture specialists, Deep Blue Aqua. This system was designed to provide oxygen at multiple outlets for dosing large volume tanks for various fish species, under the watchful eye of the Government owned marine research center. In case of power outages, the option exists to connect backup cylinders which automatically switch over when power to the system is removed, ensuring a continuous supply.
Air Supply Equipment - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC


One of many such systems that we have successfully installed throughout Africa, this containerized oxygen supply and filling system allows the user to fill small and large cylinders, all from an intuitive touch screen. The system includes air conditioning for interior climate control, real time gas (CO/CO2/O2), temperature, pressure and dew point monitoring. The system has enhanced safety features, a host of built in alarms and is supplied with full operator training and user manuals.
gas detection - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC


Hydrocarbon gas detection systems formed part of the offering that Foxolution successfully installed and commissioned (two large scale 11 ton / day onsite oxygen generating systems) for DRA Global, one of the world’s largest engineering groups. Part of the offering included these Broadrange Hydrocarbon monitoring stations which are able to detect CO levels as low as 2 parts per million (ppm) in air (even detects synthetic oils). The sensors were housed in robust panels and mounted on sturdy frames for placement on the mine site.
Gas Cylinders - Foxolution Systems Engineering CC


For this project, we retrofitted a standard 20ft shipping container and converted it into an onsite oxygen cylinder filling system for a US based Non-Profit Organization. The system is used to fill oxygen cylinders for medical use and has been built to the most stringent international standards. Ambient conditions were carefully considered so that the volume of oxygen produced would meet, and generally exceed client requirements.
Argon Filling System - Foxolution SE


This skid mounted system which allows for the filling of Argon cylinders from a bulk supply, was specially designed & developed for a leading African Cryogenic gas supplier, Kryo Afrika. An expertly designed electro-pneumatic panel controls the filling process with field devices providing instant and precise feedback for accuracy and operator safety. The skid mounted system incorporates a 5 way filling manifold and provision has been made for a forklift to easily transport and position the entire system onsite.
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